Art is made with the heart.

Art is everything which has so much impact that it can not be expressed in an ordinary way.  Art is the magic playground where no rules apply, and social conventions do not exist. Art is the only place on this earth where you can be fearlessly authentic.


It's the reality of little things like light and shade, honesty and simplicity that are important to me.


The way I transform these values ​​into creations is by letting my vision of the moment guide me.  It is never the technique or the medium that is important, but the vision that leads naturally to the most suitable material.


I was born in a country and an era of many restrictions, and I learned very early how to turn limitations into opportunities.  Being mostly self-taught, I have had little influence from others and can give my imagination free rein. The independence of mind and possessions frees the heart to create authentic art.


When you wear your jewelry, I would like you to feel grounded and strong. When you look at and touch your jewelry, I would like you to forget your reality and glide into another one.


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