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1) Who is responsible for your data

Sonya Girodon is responsible for your data. My registered address is 307 Rue de la Grande Montée, 38500 La Buisse, France. I am registered as a company in France under company number (SIRET) 80128080100011. I am the data controller of the data which I collect from you, and as such I control the ways your personal data is collected and the purposes for which your personal data are used.


2) Personal data I collect about you


Your First Name, Last name, postal address, telephone number and email address: When

you send me an email via the Contact Form.

Communication I have with you:  When you get in touch with me via: emails, letters, telephone and from the Contact Form.



3) How I use your personal data

I only use your personal data if I have a proper reason for doing so. According to the law, I can only use your data for one or more of these reasons:

  • To fulfill a contract I have with you (to inform you of your shipping fees and to send you your parcel) or

  • If I have a legal duty to use your data for a particular reason, or

  • When you consent to it, or

  • When it is in my legitimate interests.

Your First Name, Last name, postal address, telephone number and email address are required to:

  • help me to communicate with you.   Your email address will never be used for marketing purposes, and will never be communicated to anyone else.

  • Create your invoice via my PayPal Business account and

  • to be able to send you your parcel via the French postal service “Colissimo”.



4) How long I keep your data

I keep your data only for as long as I need it. How long I need data depends on what I am using it for, whether that is to provide services to you, or for my own legitimate interests so that I can comply with the law.

I will actively review the information I hold and when there is no longer a customer, legal or business need for me to hold it, I will delete it securely.

5) Your Rights

You are entitled to see copies of all personal data held by me and to amend, correct or delete such data. You can also limit, restrict or object to the processing of your data – please inform me via the Contact Form. If you gave me your consent to use your data, e.g. so that I can send you your item(s), you can withdraw your consent. Please note that even if you withdraw your consent, I can still rely on the consent you gave as the lawful basis for processing your data before you withdrew your consent.

You can object to my use of your data where I rely on my legitimate interests to do so. I explained the legitimate interests I rely on in the table above under the heading ‘How I use your personal data’.

To raise any objections or to exercise any of your rights, you can send an email to me at

When you get in touch, I will come back to you as soon as possible and where possible within one month.

If I decide to change this privacy policy, the changes will be posted on this page.

6) How I protect your data

Any information or data sent to me either by email or by letters or by phone is kept in total discretion by me. 

7) Sharing your Data

I share some of your personal data with the following third parties:

  • PayPal Business:  to create your invoice and allow you to make your payment. PayPal respect your personal data up to a certain extent.  Please read through their privacy policy:     Before sending you an invoice, I will explicitly ask you whether you agree to receive a PayPal invoice or not.  If you refuse to receive a PayPal invoice, I will suggest another means of payment to you. 

  • La Poste Colissimo (the French postal service):  Your First Name, Surname, postal address and telephone number are written by my hand on the slip provided by La Poste.  This slip is then attached to your parcel to be able to send it to you via La Poste.  Your telephone number is only used by La Poste in case they have difficulties in either finding your address, or in case of non-delivery.  La Poste adheres to the GDPR policy.

You will be informed of this article “Sharing your Data” in the first email reply you get from me after your first request via the Contact Form.   

8) Complaints

If you have any complaints concerning my processing of your personal data please email me at

Please note that you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority which is responsible for the protection of personal data in the country where you live or work, or in which you think a breach of data protection laws might have taken place.

9) Contact me

You can send an email to me at

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