About my art

My home art allows me to explore reality through yet another angle.  Bowls and vessels have the advantage of having several sides, insides and outsides, tops and bottoms, which constantly change depending from which angle you look at them, or under which light they are exposed.  My home decor is often a combination of polymer clay and glass or finely worked, but extremely strong paper maché.  As with my jewellery, particular attention is given to details and finishes.
Each creation is as unique as a thought drifting by.  I value authenticity and exclusivity born from the heart.
My jewellery is made mainly out of polymer clay (most commonly known as "Fimo" by Staedtler).  This is a versatile modelling clay with which almost any fantasy can be brought into reality.  More recently I have started working with resin for its transparency and light which are important to represent my visions accurately.  I combine unusual materials to create the effects and emotions I want to transmit.  Finishing touches are particularly important, and most neck wires, clasps and accessories are hand made by me.  
Because a part of myself goes into each creation, I believe that every article should be shipped to you with care and respect.  Each piece of jewellery is thus delivered in its unique handmade pouch, made with recycled clothes and vintage boutons.  I encourage you to use it as a storage bag for your jewellery.
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