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About my art

Each creation is as unique as a thought drifting by. 

For the first ten years (2011 - 2021), my jewellery has mainly been made of polymer clay. This versatile modelling clay with which almost any fantasy can be brought into reality, turns into relatively hard plastic when cured at a moderate temperature.

Due to personal reasons, I have however decided to move away from plastic, and now work with more natural materials like wood, paper, leather, ceramics and metal.  These materials remind me of our own ephemerality, knowing that everything is forever changing and limited in time. Through my new range of creations, I hope to awaken awareness of the fragile balance of nature.

Finishing touches are particularly important, and most neck wires, clasps and accessories are hand made by me.

Each piece of jewellery is delivered in its unique handmade pouch, made with repurposed fabrics. I encourage you to use it as a storage bag for your jewellery.

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